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Five Great Glamping Accommodation Types

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Five Great Glamping Accommodation Types

The luxurious way to camp in the 21st century, glamping is beginning to catch up with its more traditional counterpart. Combining many of the mod cons of hotel accommodation with elements of outdoor life, glamping holidays can now be enjoyed all over the world. One of the great things about glamping is the wide variety of accommodation types to choose from, ranging from cosy shepherds huts to luxury cabins. You can enjoy a traditional holiday, together with beautiful weather that gives you the opportunity to show off your latest Maxi Dresses all whilst enjoying holiday accommodation twist. One thing that you shouldn’t need the services of an Emergency Plumber Gloucester, London, Cardiff Edinburgh anywhere else. However, if you do then go to to get the help that you need. Or just relax in one of the following.

As reported by both the BBC and The Guardian, glamping is now big business and there are a wealth of different accommodation types to choose from. Here are five of the best.


A style of tent which originated in Mongolia, yurts are perfect for glamping all year round. Originally built to withstand harsh Mongolian winters, yurts are very well insulated. However, they can also be refreshingly cool during the summer months.

Shepherds Hut

Wonderfully cosy and nostalgic, traditional style huts are ideal for either a romantic break for two or for a sole traveller looking to get away from it all for a short time. Originally, this type of hut was used by shepherds as a base while tending their flock, hence the name.


A great choice for those looking for a holiday adventure with a difference. Much like the Mongolian yurt, Native American style tipis are an all-season tent. The heavy canvas is weatherproof, acting as a great insulator during the winter but cooling the interior in the summer.

Tree Houses

Adults can be magically transported back to their childhood by taking a glamping holiday in a tree house. Glamping tree houses are sturdily constructed, wonderfully cosy and, best of all, offer some truly magnificent views due to their elevated position.

Romany Wagons

One of the most romantic choices on the list, traditional gypsy wagons are warm, cosy and beautifully nostalgic. While many wagons of this type used for glamping are fitted out with a number of mod cons, they still manage to evoke an atmosphere of days gone by.

These are just a few of the accommodation choices available for those looking to enjoy a glamping holiday. New and ever-more quirky options, from train carriages to eco-pods, are popping up all the time. It seems that the glamping phenomenon is set to run for a while longer yet.

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