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The Right Essence for the Gift Cards Now

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The Right Essence for the Gift Cards Now

The gift card is one of the products most demanded by companies to motivate their employees, to reward their clients, to offer as a reward in their online and offline marketing campaigns. It is, without a doubt, an economic solution, profitable and versatile. Do you want to know how it works and how can you use it in your own company? Go ahead, keep reading because we tell you in detail in today’s article.

How does this solution work?

The functioning Prepaid Visa Gift Card is very similar to that of a credit or debit card and serves almost the same purpose: to pay for a purchase. But it is not a bank card , but a product that has many more advantages and less inconveniences :

It can an anonymous card (not nominal), so it can use by any user regardless of whether or not it is a client of a certain bank. In addition, unlike a traditional credit or debit card, this gift card can personalize with the user’s name, with the logo and the corporate visual identity of the Client Company, etc.

You may have a specific balance that, when it is exhaust, completely disables the card. In this way the company has absolute control over the cost of that product for promotional, internal use, etc. You can also have an open balance and recharge periodically. We talk about different formats of gift cardcards : open, closed, anonymous, nominative.

The user of the card can consult at any time the remaining balance or the movements that have been made through a proprietary computer application that we have develop expressly to improve the final experience with this product.

In summary: it is an ideal solution both for internal use and for external promotional use. We see it in detail in the next section.

What can I use the gift card for?

As we said in the introduction of this article, Ticket is one of the products or solutions most demanded by our customers not only for its simplicity of use, but also for its versatility. A summary of the main uses of this gift card would be the following:

For your marketing campaigns

Reward loyal customers or attract new customers using a gift card in marketing campaigns of your company is a very interesting option for several reasons:

Avoid having to buy direct gifts complicate to store and expensive to deliver.

Control perfectly and in detail the final cost of the campaign.

It allows to personalize the gift product with the logo and the own visual identity of the company (direct visual advertising).

As an internal motivation tool

The Right Essence for the Gift Cards Now

  • In recent times, many of our customers have decided to purchase cards also for internal use: to motivate and encourage their valuable team.
  • It replaces other types of more expensive gifts, not only in amount, but in dedication time to choose them: Christmas baskets, birthday or retirement gifts, etc.
  • Serves to encourage sales forces at specific times and campaigns (Christmas, Sales, summer).
  • Replaces other types of incentives for productivity (paid vacations, private medical insurance, etc.).
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