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What coaches of professional football know

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Professional football coaches know that they will continually have to solve problems to achieve success. These problems may stem from players, their own coaching methods and even from the club’s board. There will never be a time when a coach can rest on their laurels, as problems will be just around the corner even in times of sustained success.

Poor leadership

Teams that have a track record of failure or embarrassment in the public eye will undoubtedly suffer from poor leadership.

Poor performance on the pitch can be attributed to a lack of leadership amongst the players. A coach’s role will be to try to change their players and systems to improve results, although a professional coach will understand that their performance may also be to blame. A coach can try to change their methods or alternatively step aside from the role.

A team’s woes can also stem from board level, with regular coaching changes, a lack of investment and poor man-management all contributing to poor performance.

A professional football coach will know that a fish rots from the head, meaning that problems can be traced back to leadership. Get this wrong and you have no hope of getting anything else right.

Types of problem

There are three types of problems that a professional football coach will have to solve:

– Short term – problems that affect results, player attitude, attendance, time management and effort. These could include a lack of good Cheap Football Kits such as those found at kitking that the players use in their training sessions.

– Medium-term – problems that will crop up over the course of a season, such as tactics, techniques, player recruitment, and budget.

– Long term – problems around changing the culture of a football club, strategic goals, and economic stability.


Coaches need to know that there are no quick fixes – problem-solving takes time and commitment to bring about change. Some issues, such as performance, can be solved with a simple football drill and evaluation to check its effectiveness. Other problems, such as cultural change, will take months if not years for a coach to make their mark. Persistence and consistency are key to bringing about change.


What sets professional football coaches apart from the rest is their ability to solve immediate problems and those that may arise in the future. Problem-solving is as important as training and preparation in achieving positive results on the field.

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